domingo, 26 de maio de 2013


Do you remember
When we were children
You had told you wished
A sincere love?

Do you remember
When you swore me
You would listen to me
All I’d spoke you?

Do you remember?
And now you say
That is so hard
To you explain me.

Do you remember
When you said
You would face
All adversities
No matter scars you’d get?

Do you remember
When I claimed me
I should me honest;
Since the truth only
You treasured?

Do you remember?
And now I explain
You were so naïve,
Never knew what’s to live.

Do you remember…
Do you remember?

-No, I don’t remember
I’ve just forgot that
All I'd said were
A dream you had…
You had in your head.

Do you remember?
So, you do forget!

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