sábado, 10 de maio de 2014


In these long nights
Walking as an android,
I've been careless about
Others and myself
Inspite of a heart's
Still beating inside me...

Living these dark hours,

Seeking something new,
In unexpectance appeared...
A smelling of sweet flower,
A sparkle triggered in my eyes
And something brought me life...

A brighting sun comes
Into my iron cables,
Turns so them to warm
Veins... And I become
A human being again,
Ah! My dear, my Godness!

Those long nights
No matter is the weather
No matter is the time
Are my sun days now!
And for showing I care
About you, I'll tell you now:

Your lights make me change

My CPU into a nature brain;
Your flourished smell
Turns my closed iron body
In an open skin shell
For all who gives love...

Now I'm no more a robot,
I'm a human being who senses
All the things around the world
More than a mere Maths language
All the things that there is or not
Here. And get and gives a love thought.

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