quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2016


Through the lips
Go words sweet
As much as candies
The taste we eat.

They so good make
To my body's sense
As do to my spirit
The evil I don't see on it.

Why is so bad
To give a hope?
Why is so danger
To a smile offer?

Oh! My Lord! Don't say!
Don't say I unbalanced
Your expectations in these changes?
You're diabetic for much praying?

I'm afraid of it, so much afraid..
So much caring turn scorn
In people's vision in their problem
Who wants me to be more dare.

“That was not enough
You sold so much hope
And, at of all end,
I just gain pain”.

But I'm trying to be good...”
“Good, that's very funny to say...”
Your road to hell is paved
With good intentions... Fool”

Through my mind, I don't know..
I don't know what to do by now...
Through my sights see just a pain
And my mouth in silence remains....

By the time, this is the best choice
I know I can do for you: the sugar take
And all the flavors from my voice...
And let the expectations say for themselves:

An intentions with just secret good cheering
And the happenings to brings you the cherries.
From the air into reality, my dear friend!
You can believe in it, believe in you happiness!

(Leandro Monteiro)

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