quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2017

A HIDDEN ROSE (English Version)

A rose, early in the garden,
Is, now, totally hidden
In her own spine
Wished, fearfully, by her…

Wished by her who wants
To avoid the bee’s stings;
Wished by her who wants
To avoid humming-birds’ kisses…

They that even know
How she’s going on…
If she is damaged,
By her petals taken out
By them, even without
Any malice desires.

The sun rises and lights
But the flower can see nothing.
She takes a few sun baths,
Even if there are few bugs
Disturb, tease or hurt her.

And, everyday it’s goes on…
The sun rises…
And rose doesn’t see anything…
Due to the spines used by her
And for her own confinement…
They are her weapon to prevent
Any bite of any insects
Or even kisses can cure her.

We look at the rose…
We don’t know
If the spines will be taking …
We don’t know
If she will see the sunrise comes…
We don’t know
If she will find bugs or eagles
That can plant her life
She wants to create and live.

(Leandro Monteiro)

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