terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2015


It seems a joke:
Morning gets
So mourning
Faster, earlier
Than my eyes
Comes to blink...

At the first time
In a whole day.

A nights brings
The funny show;
All that is hard
To show in the
Life, we get
From day light...

Desires unfolds
Since fierce work

Some much time
Looking for money
which pays the feeding
Meanwhile my colleagues
Are talking from behind...
Seeing a way the get some
Gold more than them have...
Gold not so essential
To life of all being of nature.

The rays of light
Seems to be short:
They burn my skin
But not warm my body;
My feelings are freight
And my hands are cold....

Am I really living
Or waiting for dying?

So much time,
Doing what's right
Waiting for approval
Just to receive peace
Of I can not be
For myself usually...
Just the currency way
Made my happy day
After all, the life is:

“No pain no gain,
In spite of my dying plains.”

And I try all to work out,
And I don't forget the duty
And the day rest before me
Even I'm waiting to go out
And get so pleasure and funny....
But I found out that's not for me
And I must value what I reach:
My nights I can live a little bit.

(Leandro Monteiro)

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