sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2016


To bear and to live,
My life is dreaming
Which it ends in the eyes
Of my growing aware.

The bow that lighted
My eyes, the cupid brought
His own bows (or bestowed?)
Had hit my fragile heart...

My visions, black and white,
After the ending of childhood,
Had recovered their colors
But their were eclipsed
By a narcissist misunderstood.

What am I feeling is love?
Some much braveness
So much caring with another
How I see to you as myself...

And the body is ready
To give itself to her...
“Sorry, but I can't help you...
I can't reply your heart...”

From my eyes and ears,
To those bows turned to spears,
In the affair, instead of sweet,
Gave me a bitter bleed..
How could it be?...

It does not matter now...
To bear and to live,
My life is reality
Which it starts in these eyes
Of my growing and painful aware...

Just to tell me:
“The love and life
Have just began,
You can be sure”.

(Leandro Monteiro)

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