quarta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2017


My America is not divided,
She is one, great and free warrior.
She is singular and has multiple tones,
Her tongue has much accents, languages, dialects...
She lives in metropolis, small cities, towns, beaches, deserts, islands and forests...

My America is everything she wants to be:
Son, father, daughter, mother...
(Not necessarily in this order)
If she wants to get married, she can;
If she wants to get divorced, she can;
If she wants to be a single parent, she can;
If she wants to stay single, she can...
Since her life is owned and owns only for herself
As every men owns for themselves.

My America,
She wants herself a sunny place
As she claims the sun enlightens
All people equally it brights.


(Leandro Monteiro)

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