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 One more old poem from Your poetry dot com

I'm cold.
Like a stone,
I'm alone.
I didn't find something
that bring me hot.

Like a heart
that have been lost.

So serious,
I work to pay to bills.
I don't believe on miraclous
to get out my troubles that I feel,
that I have a lot of.

Like a heart
that is lost.

Now, I've been thinking
How stupid I'm
For cutting my hopes, believes
That get me a man,
That give me love,
Patience and happiness
Inside my blood.

I'm, really, slow.
I'm, really, alone.
I'm, really, unhope.
About this world that throw:

The animals,
The people,
The things in general,
In my point of view, out

Of my mind
That make me feel,
Be a lost heart.

Leandro Monteiro

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