segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013


Those dark clouds in the sky
Those tough rains in your sight
All showed you should give up
And rethink all that things
That within steers up you

You maintained the focus,
Even the opportunities were out
So far away from your intentions
Of becoming your dreams comes true
And for you get your redemption.

But, finally, the sky opens,
The sun brightly comes…
All your efforts were not in vain
You reaped what you sewed
Now you got all the gold plants.

Now you are free,
You can trip anywhere
You can do what you wished
With of lot of money in your pocked
And many cards are in your sleeves.

Now the dark sun is far away
And you do neither remind it
But if this sun lights now you
It eclipsed other skies, others ways…
It’s a dark sun that doesn’t get fruits…

Doesn’t get fruits to them,
To those works with you
As a loyal comrades, friends
Who thinks to be true what you say:
You, who, are the dark sun around them.

Leandro Monteiro

Um comentário:

  1. Bastante hermético e subjetivo, primando pela beleza estrutural e sonora. Quando escreve em outra língua, Leandro, você é também outro ser lírico-poético. Muito interessante.


    Em português = Racional ou cômico;

    Em espanhol = Sentimental;

    Em inglês = Angustiado e extremamente subjetivo, muito poético (o que mais gostei).

    Um abraço amigo, amigo!